Our excursions depart from our base Casa "Il Bosco" in the territory of Cefalù inside the Madonie Park. The excursions take place in wild and panoramic areas, rich in biodiversity and with spectacular views of the coast, and they range from a minimum duration of two hours to a full day. Our guests are always accompanied by an expert guide with good knowledge of the local area. All excursions must be booked in advance.


🐎 Mountains and Sea

A beautiful excursion which can also be enjoyed by riders with less experience. This ride takes place immersed in the woods and peaceful countryside, with breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Coast and the surrounding mountains. 

Duration: 2 hours | Price: 50€ per person | Riding level: intermediate / expert


🐎 Gibilmanna

A wonderful adventure which takes you through some of the richest and most varied parts of the Madonie Park, from a botanical and panoramic perspective, to arrive at the Sanctuary of Gibilmanna, an ancient place of worship dedicated to the Madonna, the patron of the diocese of Cefalù. This excursion can be extended to 4 hours for an additional cost of 10€ per person.

Duration: 3 hours (2.5 in the saddle) | Price: 70€ per person | Riding level: intermediate / expert


🐎 Pizzo Sant'Angelo

An enchanting excursion which takes you around and then to the summit of the highest mountain in the territory of Cefalù, Pizzo Sant'Angelo (1081 metres). When the weather is good, from here you can admire spectacular views of the high Madonie Mountains, the Tyrrhenian Coast from Palermo to Capo D'Orlando, the Aeolian Islands, and much more. The ride also includes a short break and visit at the Sanctuary of Gibilmanna.

Duration: 7 hours (6 in the saddle) | Price: 110€ per person (sandwich, water and fruit included) | Riding level: expert